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First of all, Congratulations!

We are excited for you and we want to thank you for your interest in our practice. Whether you are expecting or adopting, the arrival of a baby is a huge event in your life and we are honored to have the chance to be part of it. If you’d like to get to know us before the baby arrives you can schedule a Meet and Greet appointment at your most convenient time.

All Meet and Greets are scheduled during business days for one family at the time so that your specific needs can be met. During the 15 minutes chat we will talk about:

  • What to expect at the hospital
  • How to schedule the first visit
  • The well visits during the first year
  • The immunization schedule
  • Emergency situations
  • And we will answer your questions.

If you are interested in meeting us, please call the office to talk to the practice manager or fill out the form specifying at least two preferable dates and times during the week. Meet and Greets are scheduled during regular business hours.

Request a 'meet-and-greet'


Please complete the form below to request a meet-and-greet with our practice and remember to specify at least two options for the date and the time. Please also include your due date, the insurance plan name and type and the hospital you will be using. Meet-and-greets are free and available during regular business hours.