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Our mission is to help our families by providing tools to make the parenthood journey a bit easier. For this reason Dr Cao has made it a priority to invest in his patients' education and has launched a monthly series of FREE classes/seminars available exclusively to his patients.

Infant/Toddler CPR Class

The Class offers infants and toddlers CPR training and covers home safety and prevention. Our certified CPR instructor Debbie Scaccia will guide you through multiple safety topics and will teach CPR techniques.

The goal of this hands-on class is to give you tools you can use in case of emergency. The class is offered to parents and care givers. This class is on Saturdays.

Nutrition Class

The class covers children 6 month to 18 years of age and offers concrete tools and notions, covering topics like introducing solids to your infant, making smart choices for picky eaters and navigating allergies to foods. The goal is to give you tools that you can use immediately.

Our partners at Tiferet Health & Wellness are dedicated to bringing health and wellness education, empowerment, and support to the community. This class is on Sundays.

Child enjoying healthy snack- Nutrition class at South Slope Pediatrics
Nursing mother offered free classes for breastfeeding at South Slope Pediatrics

Breast Feeding Class

Our monthly breastfeeding support class is designed to address the most common issues like nipple pain, latching, weight gain, nighttime feeding and so on. This class gives you the chance not only to get the support you need, but also to connect with other nursing moms and share your experience.

New Baby Care Class

During the 'New Baby Care Class' we will dive into the 'How-Tos' of being a new parent and we will help you navigate those first months, covering topics such as:

- how babies function outside the womb
- how to adjust to your new role as parent
- your baby routine
- sleep and feeding patterns
- swaddling
- baby skin care (including umbilical cord care and first bath)

One of our goals is not only to give you some concrete tools, but also to put you in touch with other new parents and create a community support system.